by admin, 27 February 2017

Another step forward towards environmental sustainability.

Promoted by IPPR (Institute for the Promotion of Plastics from recycling) and included in the Ministerial Decree of 22 February 2011 – “Minimum criteria for green procurement of public administration”, the PSV trademark (“Plastic Second Life”) is an environmental product certification for materials and manufactures obtained from the exploitation of plastic waste.

It is the first Italian and European trademark dedicated to the recycled plastics and ECOPLE Nhas achieved this important certification thanks to the production of cans made from recycled PE with no less than 70% of Rilene®

The PSV trademark introduces the concept of “quality” in recycling plastics and “traceability” of recycled materials, also it refers to the percentage of recycled content established by means of the Circular of 4 August 2004, implementation of Ministerial Decree 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement, and the UNI EN ISO 14021.

In fact, the new Law 221/2015 on “Green Purchasing” orients in a decisive and conscious manner public authorities to establish procedures to increase the inclusion of environmental sustainability criteria for all procurement of goods and services, to raise awareness and spread a new “public procurement” approach that takes into account the whole life cycle of products in order to ensure the best value for money, to promote the rational use of resources, encourage environmental sustainability and the practice of GPP (Green Public Procurement).

ECOPLEN products ensure therefore quality and higher scores in the participation in open competition.
The PSV trademark was born from the need to make more visible and more easily identifiable goods in recycled plastics that are intended for public authorities and / or companies with a majority public capital and the GOD (Great Organized Distribution). For this reason IPPR annually publishes the Directory of “Plastic Second Life” marked materials and artifacts. The activities for obtaining the PSV trademark are performed by partners of IPPR Certification Bodies: IIP-Italian Institute of Plastics and SGS.

In this context ECOPLEN, thanks to the production of plastic products (cans, normal flexible and shrink-wrapped packaging, bags for medical waste collection) with recycled polyethylene in the blow molding and filming industry of plastics, is the only company in Italy to create a virtuous cycle. From post-consumer waste, the company produces new products and plastic materials showing green soul as well as innovative and attractive design.

IPPR provides a visibility platform to all manufacturers and distributors of recycled plastics and manufactures; so doing it creates a supply/demand relationship in the context of green procurement both between private companies and between undertakings and public authorities. IPPR is therefore a real store of plastic ecological products with more than 1,200 manufactures and materials certified “Plastica Seconda Vita”, the first trademark in Italy and Europe dedicated to recycled plastic.

ECOPLEN with its products made from recycled PE (green jerry cans, mulching films, heat shrink caps and flexible packaging sheets) gives innovative responses to a market increasingly directed towards the purchase of sustainable products.

The culture of recycled plastic is a critical step to achieve circular economy which sees waste a resource to be put back into the market. ECOPLEN thanks to “Plastic Second Life” certification offers innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the blow molding and packaging market of plastic materials, a market determined to turn towards the green economy.