By offering sustainable innovations, ECOPLEN SRL is the first company worldwide to use not less than 70% of regenerated polyethylene (PE) from post-consumer waste to manufacture 5, 10, 20 and 25 litre jerry cans in compliance with ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road).

The company reaches this valuable objective by taking advantage of the following key factors:

-The exclusive use of RILENE®, a resin gained through a meticulous selection of plastic waste
-An innovative transformation system
-An all-new formula serving the Green Economy

The RILENE®, obtained by processing of post-consumer plastic waste, guarantees environmental sustainability as well as the creation of quality plastic products (jerry cans, containers, bottles, packaging, etc.) while respecting the environment.

The application of German technology in blow molding of plastic materials and the adoption of the multilayer technique give ECOPLEN tanks mechanical and aesthetic features which are unknown to the traditional tanks manufactured in one-layer and with conventional material.

Plastic jerry cans have also obtained the ADR Certfication of Comformity issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the transport of dangerous goods. A great achievement for innovation and sustainability in the production of plastics.

Sustainability, mechanical performances and aesthetic pleasantness are those traits making ECOPLEN a company unique and unrepeatable in the industry of production of high density polyethylene materials.

On occasion of the prestigious 2015 Plast Fair, ECOPLEN was granted the “StartPlast” status as an innovative company in the field of plastics offering polyethylene market a new way of thinking about the post-production waste and providing new life to plastic.